Social Animal 7e/Ctb-IBM: Video Image D Elliot Aronson

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Social Animal 7e/Ctb-IBM: Video Image D  by  Elliot Aronson

Social Animal 7e/Ctb-IBM: Video Image D by Elliot Aronson
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The author states that he purposely left this book brief so that it could serve as an introduction to social psychology. As valid a goal as that might be, Elliot Aronsons approach leaves the reader with a book that only provides examples and defines barely any terms or theories.

Aronson must have known that his book may be used as primary text for a social psychology class (as it was in mine), which makes the inadequacies of this book inexcusable.The author bolds key terms but a review of the dictionary proves it exceedingly lacking. Many of the definitions are social psychology spins on general terms with which many people are already familiar (i.e.

self-esteem, self-justification, stereotype, prejudice, insufficient punishment, etc.). Other definitions are of words not specific to psychology that people could easily look up in a regular dictionary (i.e. amygdala, heuristics, catharsis, etc.). Terms actually used in the discipline with which the reader might not be familiar are not even briefly defined (i.e. Prejudiced Personality Theory).Within the text itself, social psychology theories are still only briefly introduced and not expanded upon.

The author seems to think that providing one or two examples of the theorys application will be enough for the reader to understand it. This may be true for simple theories but not the intricate ones with several prongs that were developed over significant periods of time.Lastly, purely from a layout standpoint, the text is extremely dense. There are so many sections that could have benefited from bullet points that it appears as if the author left it out deliberately so he could avoid having to outline the actual theories in any detail. This makes it difficult for the student to study for tests and there were definitely one or two questions on an exam that I got wrong because I could not remember which set a certain prong belonged to.

Ultimately, this book is at best a supplemental text but should not be relied upon to provide any significant understanding of social psychology.

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