Bloeden Joan Brady

ISBN: 9789024550937

Published: 2005


430 pages


Bloeden  by  Joan  Brady

Bloeden by Joan Brady
2005 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 430 pages | ISBN: 9789024550937 | 8.28 Mb

From the first page in Bleedout: A Novel, we are caught up in the lives of two men: Hugh Freyl, a blind lawyer from a prominent family- and David Marion, child of the foster care system and then the prison system.The story is told in the first person narrative of Hugh Freyl, whom we immediately learn was killed brutally one night in his law library- and the third person narrative of David Marion.At first, the task seems to be finding the killer. But some have already decided that David, despite being Hughs protégé, is definitely the killer.

But apparently he has an alibi. So Hughs mother Becky, who really seems to look at David as someone beneath her, hires him to find out. For David has acquired some skills in prison: he knows how to get into almost anything locked, including safes.What I enjoyed most about this story was the authors ability to show us the thoughts and inner motivations of the characters.

And the further I got into the tale, the less sure I was about what I thought I knew in the beginning. There was a lot of detail about corporate inner workings, financial bleedouts, as well as another kind of bleedout that could definitely characterize the killing of Hugh.Just when I thought I had it all figured out, the author threw the reader another curve ball. In the end, I was definitely thrown.I would have given this one five stars, but there were many intricacies and complexities that left me reeling and seemed redundant. But I would definitely recommend this book for those who enjoy psychological thrillers, which is how I would describe this one.

Four stars.

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