Pigs John Henry Bennett


Published: July 26th 2012

Kindle Edition

383 pages


Pigs  by  John Henry Bennett

Pigs by John Henry Bennett
July 26th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 383 pages | ISBN: | 10.15 Mb

Buncefield Oil Terminal Disaster 11th December 2005It was described as the largest explosion on mainland UK since World War II.Investigations over the following 12 months by the Health and Safety Executive concluded that it had been an accident caused by ‘overfilling’.But what if it had not been ‘an accident?’SIS operative, Harry Baxter, originally ex Army, is called back from holiday to investigate whether it was an accident, or deliberate- if deliberate home grown, or an act of terrorism?The story ranges from the UK to the Middle East and Gulf with active participation by MI6, MI5, Mossad, DGSE, and the actions of particular terrorist groups in Jihads against the West and Western interests, in this case, finally, UK interests.Interwoven with this is a political scenario involving Ministers with axes to grind, and a slowly developing relationship between Harry and a sleeper Mossad operative.The Jihadists move their operations to the Gulf following Buncefield as security is tightened in the UK, returning later to set up the operation to strike at the heart of UK democracy.Eastern European interests provide materiel for this operation and the UK security services MI6 and MI5 combine to try and thwart this action.Hostages are taken by both sides which leads to a critical and tense final scenario as the attack is mounted.

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